Why is Discord not Opening and Here is 6 Easy ways to fix it?

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With 140 million+ users, Discord has grown to be a popular online platform for networking. When Discord was launched in 2015, it was primarily targeted towards gamers but with its growing popularity, Discord has now become a platform where the users interact for online classes or to watch Netflix together! Discord has its versions for Windows, Mac, and apps for Android and iOS. Simple errors like Discord not opening or Updating Errors, here are simple steps to fix these errors.

Discord, which is now “your place to talk”, is different from the traditional messenger apps. The platform has private or public communities called “servers” which a user can join. Within each server, there can be an infinite number of channels, each of which is dedicated to a particular purpose ranging from exchanging pictures to sharing music links, to chat. Discord has made it clear that they have moved on to a larger audience and their target is not just gamers but even today the most of all the servers on the platform are dedicated to the gaming fraternity.

Discord might be different from the online community platform crowd, but it is an application after all and it can malfunction sometimes and might not open. Here’s your solution to discord not opening:

Why is my Discord app not opening?

Discord might not open for multiple reasons and we have discussed the primary reasons why discord not opening issue. It can be that all the users of Discord are facing trouble or maybe it is specific to you and the problem lies with your system only. Some potential reasons can be:

  1. Bugs: Discord has a huge team of developers who constantly try to make the app better. This might lead to some bugs or errors in the code which cause the problem of Discord not opening.
  2. Your Internet Connection: Discord demands an active internet connection which is required to share media and text on the platform. Therefore, a slow or a choppy internet connection leads to discord failing to launch.
  3. Outdated version: Developers keep launching newer versions of the app with more features and fewer errors. When a new version of the app is released, an older version might be disbanded and this is the reason why your Discord app is not opening.
  4. Antivirus: Often your antivirus system can read the Discord app files as suspicious. This can be potentially due to the internet connectivity of the platform.
  5. Third-Party Apps: You might have installed 3rd party applications to make your device run smoothly. These third-party apps usually dismiss all the background applications which cause Discord to not open
  6. Date and Time Incorrect: This is one of the weirdest reasons for Discord not opening. If the Date and Time settings of your system are on manual, it might lead to a discord launch failure.

You must now have a basic idea of what might be causing your Discord Application to not open. Here’s how you can fix it:

How to Fix Discord not opening?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here’s how you can fix it:

  1. Update App
    Regularly check if a new version of the discord app is available and if it is, it is highly advisable to update it. In order to claim the update, only use the Discord authorized platforms including the PlayStore, AppStore, their own website, etc.
  1. Antivirus
    As your website might consider Discord to be Malicious, you can remove the discord files from the anti-virus’ scan list and this will ensure the antivirus does not disable any file that is related to discord.
  2. Date and Time:
    As already mentioned, this is a weird solution but you can set the Date-Time setting of your device to automatic and rebooting your device. This specific solution has surprisingly worked for a huge number of Discord Users.
  3. AppData LocalData:I
    f your previous session has not ended properly, the AppData and the LocalData files in the “Command Prompt” can be cleared. This will assist new files to be created when you launch the App and resolve your problem of “Discord Not Opening”.
  4. Flush DNS
    Discord uses the DNS to connect to the Internet and as a Net-Based Application, it might face issues with connectivity. In order to re-establish the systems, you can “flush” or reset the DNS which clears the DNS Cache and resolves the problem
  5. Reinstall the app
    If none of the above solutions work out for you and you continue to see “Discord not Opening”, you probably have corrupt files in Discord. These files can be removed by completely uninstalling Discord from your device and re-installing it.

The above solutions can work for all the systems. However, macOS has a couple of added solutions that can work out for you.

How to Fix Discord App Not Opening on Mac?

  1. Application Support Files: You can trash all the “Application Support Files” of Discord. This is basically uninstalling the application. Once you trash all the Support files, you can reboot your application and run the installer once again. This should resolve your problem.
  2. Diagnose Network Issue: You can troubleshoot your network issues by changing the System Preference of the Network DNS to Google’s DNS ( or you can try to renew your Mac’s IP Address.
  3. THE .dmg File: Your Mac might not have installed the .dmg File with the Discord System Files. You can download the .dmg file from https://discordapp.com/apps and install discord once again to resolve your issue.