Easy Steps to change wifi network on Chromecast

We all are accustomed to the digital world now. We love streaming online and be online on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar. We can see endless movies, series. We also love to watch these TV shows on the big screen. Then what device can be better than Google Chromecast .Here we will know how to change wifi network on Chromecast This device helps to connect your phone and stream videos into your TV just by plugging into your TV with the help of an HDMI Port and

But sometimes, you may face issues while installing or connecting Chromecast to your network. There can be many errors or problems that you are facing with your Chromecast. Either it is unable to set up a connection to the wifi due to network error or change of password, or you need to connect Chromecast to a new wifi router, change wifi network on Chromecast , etc.

Today we will walk you through all the possible steps that you can take to connect Chromecast to wifi, or change Chromecast wifi settings or changing wifi password, etc. This will help you with the smooth installation process of your device and network.

How to connect Chromecast to Wifi:

Changing wifi on Chromecast is a tedious process, but we have some easy solutions to change wifi on Chromecast without resetting it. Google Chromecast is a device to connect your phone and stream all the things, but there is a problem. Let me tell you that, without knowing the complete Google Chromecast settings on the Google Home app, you cannot change the wifi. Let us discuss the steps to change the wifi on Google Chromecast:

Total Time: 5 minutes

1. Download the google home application

Download Google Home Application on Your Device

2. Choose the device you want to change the wifi network on Chromecast. 

Choose which device you want to Change wifi

 3. Go to setting

Go to setting advance setting and reset it. I hope now you will be able to change the wifi on Google Chromecast.

By following the above processes, you can Connect Chromecast to Wifi very easily.

How to change the wifi setting ,wifi password, change wifi network on Chromecast?

Here are the steps on how to change the Chromecast wifi setting. This is not a very super simple step, but you will be a walkthrough on multiple stages. You should be able to accomplish your goal by following these steps.

  1. Launch the Google Home application that will take you to the place to find all google applications.
  2. Now you need to find out Chromecast device. E.g., if it is there in the living room and the living room TV >> Click on that little gear setting in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Clicking on the settings will take you to device settings and help you change Chromecast wifi.
  4. Scroll down below, and when you are halfway down, you can see what wifi router available at your place.

Whether you are creating a new password or switching your old password to a new one, you will have to click on forget your network and reset your network again from the start.

  1. Click on the wifi area. 
  2. The device will ask, are you sure you want to forget the network? You will have to be sure before you click on this because you will have to walk through the whole process from the start as soon as you do this. This is a long process to proceed.
  3. Going ahead >> Click on forget the network.
  4. Then it boots us to the google home page of applications where you can select your network.

Before that, drag your screen downwards and then release it; this will refresh your screen and perform fast.

  1. After refreshing your device, it will open a dialogue box saying >> Set up your device, which should be top of the google homepage applications’ home page.
  2. Click on choose a device and click on Next >> It will look for a device for some time now.
  3. Options with all nearby devices will appear on the screen >> Select the device you want to hook up with your wifi network.
  4. Click on Next >> Then it will help you connect Chromecast to wifi. When it relates to the device, it will show a code required to pair it up with the device. Make sure the code is the same on both the device and click on Yes. 
  5. Agree to the legal terms
  6. Then a dialogue box opens asking if you want to improve Chromecast experience, that you can decide by yourself and decide whether to click on “No, Thanks” or “Yes, I’m in”
  7. Then the next step shows you all the available wifi networks near to you. Click on the one you want to connect with and type the password. You can decide whether you wish to create a new password or wish to go ahead with the old password available to you. 
  8. Chromecast will connect you to the selected wifi network
  9. Then you can select the location from where your device is available.
  10. Improve your experience; your Google account gets linked to your Chromecast if you permit; otherwise, you have the option to skip.
  11. Also, you can skip audio services, video services, TV services, and the setting up of Chromecast wifi is complete.

This article walks you through re-configuring network settings like wifi password, wifi network connection on an existing Chromecast, or a new network. The trick is to reset the Chromecast by pressing the small button Chromecast and running through the initial setup again.