How to change Wi-Fi name and password on Spectrum in 3 Steps

There are various ways to retrieve your Wi-Fi network name and password, depending on the type of equipment you have, and whether you have Wi-Fi service with Spectrum, and your network name and password may be found on a label on your router or modem-router combo (Gateway).

You can also read the instructions below for finding your Wi-Fi network name and password using a Windows 8 or 10 computer or a Mac computer and sign in to your account on or use the My Spectrum app to change Wi-Fi name and password and connect to your devices.

Change Wi-Fi name and Password

When you get a new router, especially from Spectrum, the first thing you should do is change the existing Wi-Fi network name and password to make it easier for you to remember your Wi-Fi password. Additionally, it would make it more difficult for hackers to breach the network and steal some private information, such as your bank details.

  • Before beginning with the procedure to reset the Wi-Fi password Spectrum, you need to find the pre-set password only. 
  • You can change it as you may easily find it on the label present on your router, or sometimes it may be found on the modem-router Gateway.

Steps to change Wi-Fi name and password on spectrum

The guide here will help you to find the password and change wi-fi name and password of Spectrum along with the steps to change it on Windows and Mac devices, but you shouldn’t get confused if you come across words like SSID, network security key, WPA key, or WAP/WPA2 because they all refer to the name of the Wi-Fi network

Total Time: 5 minutes

Find Your Network Security Key besides Its Name on a Label

You may be one of those people who wouldn’t bother themselves with changing a password and live with one password their entire life. Still, it is not the least unlikely for you not to lose that one password, so you need to assume some of the things.  For example, suppose you haven’t changed your password since you first set up in-Home Wi-Fi to connect your home to Spectrum.

In that case, you can find your network’s name and password on your router’s label and look over your device thoroughly; and may find this label at the bottom of the router or modem or router combo that is also known as the Gateway. Also, consider locating your Spectrum Wi-Fi name and password jotted down on the installation paperwork.

Find the Network’s Name and Password on Windows 8.1

You need to ensure connectivity with your Wi-Fi network and go to the Windows Start menu. Then type in Network and Sharing Center in the search bar, and select the result and go to Manage Wireless Networks. Here your network names are displayed, and with right-click on the Wi-Fi network that the device is connected to, one will see the Properties option.

Find Your Network Name and Password on Windows 10

If Windows 10 is installed on your laptop or PC connected to your in-home Wi-Fi network, you can find network-related information quite quickly if the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network. All you need to do is at the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, right to the extreme left; consider finding the Wi-Fi symbol just right-click on it.
Open Network and Sharing Center will help you choose your Wi-Fi network name, which will be seen next to Connections. In Wi-Fi status, select Wireless Network Properties, and in wireless Network Properties, go to the Security tab, then mark the Show Characters checkbox.

How to change the Wi-Fi name or Wi-Fi username, or network name?

Change Wi-Fi password

You can change the Charter Wi-Fi password using a browser. First, connect to the network. If you are not sure what the Wi-Fi password is, use our guide to help you locate your network security key. 

Firstly you need to open your browser window and go to this address: and login to your router with the admin username and password. Consider looking through menu options for an option to edit your Wi-Fi network, and the name of the network may be labeled, including SSID, Gateway name, or Wireless Network. Additionally, the password field will probably be labeled WPA Pre-Shared Key, and when you find it, create a new Wi-Fi password and save the changes.

View the current Wi-Fi information

You can do so in at least two ways, like using the official Charter Spectrum website, Access using Manage Account, and my internet

Default Wi-Fi information

You can locate the default network login information on your Charter Spectrum Wi-Fi route and look underneath for a sticker containing your network name and key. Experts will often give you a separate note with the default Wi-Fi information, and for more assistance, you can also choose to connect with the experts.

How can you find your Network Name and Password on the Mac?

  • If you have Apple’s Mac connected to the Wi-Fi network, rest assured, you can indeed find out network key on the device, but for that, you will require access to the administrator account on your Mac.
  • You can open Spotlight and type in Keychain Access in the search bar, and in the Keychain Access window, click on Passwords in the sidebar.
  • You can simply go to Applications, and select Utilities, and click at least twice on your Wi-Fi network name.
  • Lastly, you need to tick the checkbox next to the Show password field and type in our Mac’s Admin username and password, and then choose Allow.

There might be various situations in life when you want to change spectrum Wi-Fi password, and the first time we need to do is at changing the default password of the network connection that we have recently bought. On the flip side, you might need to change it for your convenience because the default passwords are pretty complicated. Additionally, changing the password is not so difficult if you have a Wi-Fi service with Spectrum.