Easy 5 Steps to add music to an Instagram story?

Good news! for all Instagram fans! Instagram is constantly putting efforts to make the story feature exciting every time. Instagram music feature was launched in India recently and is loved by every Instagram user. The latest version of Instagram allows users to add music to an Instagram story (images and videos), including stickers. 

Instagram music feature has a massive collection of songs from which you can select any one of your choices. Even you can browse songs as per your choice. A song in the Instagram story will be played from a minimum of 5 seconds to 15 seconds. Including song, this feature also allows you to put lyrics with the song on your story. 

If you don’t know how to use this Instagram music feature on your stories, here are the steps you can follow to add music to an Instagram story. 

How to add music to an Instagram story?

This feature is only available in the latest Instagram version. So if you have not updated your Instagram yet, kindly update the latest version of Instagram for your Android or iOS.

Total Time: 5 minutes

1. Login to Instagram

Open your Instagram and log in with your credentials. Now for uploading a story, press the +icon on the top left of your Instagram or long-press your profile photo and select add to your story option.

2. Create a story

Now you can create a new story by uploading a picture/video from your gallery or you can click a new picture/video for the same. You can edit your image by various available filter options.

3. Add song to story

For adding a song to your story, click on the sticker icon on the top right and select a music sticker from the collection of stickers. After selecting the music sticker, a collection of music will be on the screen. Now you can select the song from the list provided or you can browse any song based on your choice.

4. Select a song

Now after selecting a song of your choice for your Instagram story, you can select a particular portion of the song to be played in the background.

5. Change appearance

After selecting a song, you can display its appearance in 6 different ways. Songs can be displayed in the form of lyrics in the background in different kinds of styles and fonts. You can also display the song without lyrics just by its name.

6. Set your timeline

Now from the timeline given below, you can adjust the duration of the song between 5 seconds to 15 seconds per story.

Frequently Asked Questions – How to add music on Instagram

1. How to add music to an Instagram story without a sticker?

If you want to upload your story, without a music label on it, you can follow below steps. By doing so, your story will be visible to viewers without a music sticker. Now after selecting the song, if you want to resize the custom design of the song or want to remove the sticker, you can pinch resize. To add the music to Instagram without a sticker, you can pinch and decrease the size and drag it to the top until it goes off-screen. As a result, the music will be played without a sticker.

2. How to add music to an Instagram story video?

To add music to an Instagram story video, you need to follow the same procedure as instructed above. Select a video from your gallery and follow the same procedure. You can also shoot the video from Instagram video or reels features. It will be of great help to you in the case of videos. Make sure that the video is not more than 15 seconds. If the video is of more than 15 seconds, it will automatically cut and the next seconds will be uploaded in the next story.

3. How to add multiple stickers to your story?

After adding a music feature from stickers, you can also add more stickers of your choice from the sticker collection of Instagram. Instagram allows you to upload multiple stickers in your story. Now after making your story so wonderful and attractive with your photo and fabulous Instagram music feature, upload your story and get exciting comments and lots of likes. When your friends and followers will be viewing your story, they will hear the song playing with the photo or video in your story.

4. How to add only music (without picture) to Instagram story?

To add only music with lyrics or with artist label excluding picture or video-
● Click on the + icon on the top left part of your IG
● Select the create option with “Aa”.
● Select the song you want to upload.
● Select the lyrics or artist label to display in your story.
● Select the particular portion you want to upload.
● Select the duration from 5 seconds to 15 seconds

5. How to add music to Instagram from Spotify?

  1. For uploading music to Instagram stories from other apps, follow the instructions below.
    ● From the apps like Spotify, you can select a song of your choice.
    ● Go to the settings option and select the share option.
    ● Then Select Instagram stories and it will redirect to Instagram.
    ● Now Click on your story and you can upload it.
    ● Your story viewers can play your music on Spotify by selecting on play on Spotify option below the song.

All the above-mentioned steps to add music to your Instagram stories are easy to follow. This is how the music feature works in different ways while uploading your Instagram story. Upload your Instagram story with music and let your social world rock!