3 Steps to fix Rtwlanu.sys BSOD Errors

3 steps to fix RTWLANU.SYS BSOD error

What is Rtwlanu.sys?

Rtwlanu.sys is a windows file which firstly comes with windows 8 in 2012. Rtwlanu.Sys file is Realtek WLAN USB NDIS Driver which is used in the system as a driver of WLAN Wireless.

Realtek created this file for communication between devices and wireless systems.

There are lots of reasons for this error to appear in front of you. Most of the time people put their system on sleep mode or turn on for a long time. Due to the reason computer driver file corrupted and this error appears on the screen 

Basically this error creates the BSOD Blue screen of death error. Most of the time people face this issue in Windowns 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Resolve RTWLANU.SYS BSOD errors

What are the Causes of  the Rtwlanu.sys BSOD error?

There are lots of the reasons this error appears on your screen in which some of them we are mentioning blew:

  1. Network WLAN Driver Corrupted
    This is one of the reasons BSOD error arrears in your system. Realtek drive corrupted  in windows 7,8 or 10 on that time this error comes and freezes your system. In order to resolve this you have to delete the corrupted drivers to remove this error. 
  2. WLAN Driver not permitting your system to wake up
    While turn on your system or waking up from sleep mode you face the BSOD error this happens due to WLAN driver is not giving the permission to your system to wake up. In this case you can check the power management setting and permit your device to wake up to resolve this issue.
  3. Corrupted system file
    Sometimes the system file has been corrupted; this is also the cause of BSOD error. If this happens, restoring your system can resolve this issue. Because of corrupted system file, system can encounter Error 0X800F0922.

3 steps to fix Rtwlanu.sys bsod error

3 steps to fix RTWLANU.SYS BSOD error

As we mentioned above, a corrupted network driver can cause this issue. In order to resolve this BSOD error you need to reinstall the corrupted network driver. In order to do this there are some steps which we are guiding you through. By following these steps you can resolve this issue.

Total Time: 5 minutes

FIX 1 – uninstall and download Network drivers

By following these steps you can update or re-install network drivers:
1. Press the windows key from your keyboard a search box appears in the search box type “RUN” and press enter.
2. Now a small box appears on your screen with run. In this box you have to type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter to open Device manager.
3. In device manager scroll it down to network adapters and expand it.
4. Now, Right click on the corrupted driver and choose to uninstall it
5. Then press ok.
6. This process will restart your system automatically.
When your system wake up from restart point window automatically restore the wlan driver.

FIX 2 – Changing the LAN Settings

As we mentioned above, sometimes your system is not waking up from sleep mode , this causes the BSOD error. In order to resolve this you have to change the settings of your LAN 
In order to to this here we are guiding you some simple steps, You just have to follow these steps to resolve BSOD Rtwlanu.sys error
1. Right side bottom on the screen you have a search box click on the search box and type “RUN” and press enter. A small box opens in front of you with the name of “RUN”.
2. In this box you have to type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter to open Device Manager
3. Now scroll down and expand the network adapter. In Network adapter scroll it down and right click on the driver file.
4. Now, choose a option which says properties and click on it
5. In properties tap on the power management option and check the option written as allow this device to wake up the computer.
After you complete all these steps restart your computer and it will resolve the error Rtwlanu.sys error

Fix 3 – Restore the system

Restoring the system can also resolve error code rtwlanu.sys. Once you use the above method to resolve the issue and it is not resolved yet at that time you can use this method because restoring the system means if you don’t have back-up you will lose all the application games or other stuff which you have in your system.
In order to restore the PC there are some simple steps which you have to follow:
1. Click the windows icon and in the search bar type “RUN” and press enter.
2. A small run box opens in front of you. In this box you have to type “rstrui” and press enter or click on ok.
3. A system Restore window open in front of you with the pop-out window
4. On the pop-out window click next and choose the option to restore the computer.
5. Then click on the positive option and confirm it to restore the system and click on finish
6. Restart your system


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By follow you can easily resolve RTWLANU.SYS BSOD error in Windows 7 and Windows 10. RTWLANU.SYS file is developed by Realtek Semiconductor Corporation. These realtek drivers are associated with LAN and WAN cards. Best way is to download the drivers directly from Realtek site.